Wireless or Wired Driveway Alarm Systems

Surveillance cameraA wireless or wired driveway alarm system can give you real peace of mind; all Americans have the right (and the need) to protect their property from intruders. When it comes down to the most popular driveway alarm systems there are two basic choices – should you choose wireless or wired?

Although wireless alarm systems are readily available and easy to install they do have their limitations. They are more likely to be governed by range if you have an incredibly large property and the battery life can be another potential problem. A wired driveway alarm system is more suitable in many circumstances and does have many advantages over similar wireless systems.

    • Wired alarm systems are easy to hide and are more pleasing to the eye than some of the wireless systems available on the market.
    • No outside maintenance is required. This type of system can be installed, set up to monitor the movement and types of motion you require and then left to their own devices. There’s no need to worry about changing batteries. A wired system is always fully powered and operational.
    • There is also no need to worry about a wireless signal being blocked by trees, new buildings or similar. Many outside factors can affect the efficiency of wireless signals in this type of device.
    • Wired alarm systems are also extremely reliable. They can be configured to provide security alerts for a range of objects which cuts down on the number of false alarms they give off. Some can be configured to identify moving metal objects only which means that they won’t be set off by pets or wild animals roaming around. Others can be configured to identify human intruders if necessary.
    • Wired alarm systems can be useful in other situations too. They are great for warning a property owner about unwelcome intruders but can also be used to alert staff and employees when customers come onto their premises.

A driveway alarm is a great addition for use in a fast food restaurant. The amount of foot traffic coming through the front door may be much heavier than the motors pulling up at a drive through window so it may not be feasible to have a member of staff sitting waiting there all day long. If there is a motion sensor installed which is triggered by cars and other vehicles the staff will know when they have a customer waiting at the window.

Whether a property owner is looking to protect their premises against intruders or notify employees when there is a customer in need of assistance this type of motion detector can be a great asset. They provide an accurate detection system which works over and over again. This type of alarm system can be run independently or in association with cameras and other types of surveillance equipment.

Wired motion sensor alarm systems are a valuable asset in many types of situation and can make a big difference to the security of your property or the smooth and efficient running of your business.