Choosing The Best Driveway Alarm System For You

House Exterior With Open Iron GateProtecting your family and home against intruders is an important part of being a homeowner. One way to safeguard against unwanted entry is to install an alarm in the driveway. If you are not familiar with them, the purchasing process can be quite confusing. Here are a few pointers that will help you select the best driveway alarm system.

Wired Versus Wireless

The first thing that you might notice when you are in the market for the best driveway alarm system is the fact that there are two distinct types to choose from. There is the traditional type that is wired and the newer ones which are wireless. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you have to decide which factors matter more to you.

Wired systems are generally more reliable, but they tend to cost more, especially if you have a particularly long driveway. Wireless alarms are easier to install, but you will have to worry about changing batteries and things of that nature.


When you are choosing an alarm system, it is important that you find a system that can cover the entire expanse of your driveway. Since it might be necessary to have a sensor in the home (wireless alarms), you want to be sure that there is nothing stopping you from being fully protected. People who choose to have a wired system will have to make sure that they have purchased wiring that is lengthy enough to provide protection for the entire driveway.

Alert Types

There are several different alert types available and you need to try your best to select the one that will give you the most benefit. If you are not a very heavy sleeper, you may want to buy a system that transmits a call or text to alert you. People who sleep heavier will find it more useful if the alert is blaring and capable of rustling them from their slumber. Those who are hard of hearing should not fret since there are systems available that have vibrating and visual alerts.

Detection Method

Some alarm systems detect everyone or everything that goes into your yard. While this may sound like a bonus, it can become a nuisance. Imagine being alerted eery time a wild animal or a neighborhood cat decides to wander through your yard. There are systems available that only detect when people or cars enter your space. This is a bit more convenient, but keep in mind that this type of system may come with a heftier price tag. You have to decide whether it is worth it to pay more.

Buying an alarm system for your driveway does not have to be rocket science. If you take your time and consider all of the information here, you should have no problem finding a system that you are satisfied with. When you are seeking a system, make sure that they meet your wants and needs in every aspect since that will give you the maximum level of satisfaction.