Driveway Alarm Systems To Protect Your Home

Wrought Iron Security GateNo matter where you live, home security is probably a concern. One of the most vulnerable parts of any home is the driveway. This is especially true if the home is set away from the road and there is a long drive from the road to the house. Driveway alarm systems provide security by alerting a homeowner if someone is approaching.

The driveway serves as the entry onto a homeowner’s property. With a proper alarm system, a driveway alarm can also help protect against intruders or sound an alert when guests arrive. There are several ways a homeowner can secure their property and not have to spend a great deal of money.


One of the most popular options are gates. Electrical gates can be opened and closed automatically. They can also be controlled both at the gate and from within the home. This allows the homeowner to open the gate without having to set foot on the driveway. Gates may not be practical for all homes, but they are a great deterrent to theft and an important part of driveway security.

Video Cameras

Video cameras used to be one of the more expensive options for driveway security. Today, the prices have decreased so dramatically that video cameras can be installed for very little cost. Cameras are ideal for monitoring a driveway, recording and storing images that can prove very helpful should there be an intrusion or accident.

It is also possible to monitor other activities on the property, such as what the kids are doing or where the guests are going. Strategically placing video cameras on the driveway and throughout the property can be an important part of a home security plan.

Motion Sensor Lighting

It is a fact that lighting deters intruders. Thieves just do not like to operate where they may be seen. Lights may also mean there is someone home or on the property. Thieves are generally looking for an easy target and will not approach a home where they believe the homeowners may be present.

Motion sensor lighting is a great way to deter intruders and protect the property. Set up along the driveway and around the home, these lights will come on whenever they are activated. They may be set so that animals do not trip their sensors, making them even more valuable in detecting an intruder.

Driveway Alerts

A driveway alert is installed in the driveway itself. There are several types and depending upon the needs of the homeowner, can range in cost. Driveway alert systems send a notification to the homeowner that someone or something is present on their driveway. Air hose and magnetic models will typically only alert on vehicles, while motion sensors and wireless units can detect vehicles, animals, and people.

Driveway alert systems can also include some type of deterrent, such as a sound or a light. These are activated when the sensor is tripped. A notification is also sent to the main receiver, usually within the residence.

Homeowners who are concerned about security should take a multi-facet approach to protecting their home. Driveway alarm systems, along with video cameras and motion sensor lights can provide a good start to keeping a property safe from unwanted visitors.