Installing A Wireless Driveway Alarm System


Surveillance Camera In The DaytimeEven though a home may have a professional alarm system, it may still be vulnerable to attack. Most of these home alarm systems concentrate on placing sensors around doors and windows and work pretty well. The downside is that these alarms only alert or notify a security system after the home is already breached.

Home alarm systems activate when an intruder trips a sensor on the window or door and enters the home. Even though the alarm system may sound and alert, it takes authorities a while to arrive. This means the intruders have some time within the home to inflict a great deal of damage.

A wireless driveway alarm system improves a homeowner’s chances of stopping intruders before they enter the residence. These systems are especially beneficial for properties located off the road or which may have long driveways. A driveway alarm system can alert a homeowner or the authorities when an intruder enters the property, before they ever make it to the front door.

The typical range for a driveway alert system is from 400 to 2,500 feet. This means the outer edge of the alarm system may be all the way at the entry to a property. The transmitter is placed outside and, when someone or something enters the property, sends a signal to the receiver which is located inside the residence.

Statistics show that homeowners with a driveway alert system are safer than those with just a home security system. The primary reason for this is that a driveway alarm system notifies the homeowner before any intruder or unwanted guest reaches the residence. This provides the homeowner with enough time to react.

Driveway alarm systems also come with a variety of options and upgrades to provide even greater security. These include motion sensor lighting which turns on flood lights whenever a sensor is tripped. These lights can light up the entire property all at once if only one sensor is crossed. Another option is to add strobe lights, which will really get an intruder’s attention.


Video cameras or closed circuit TV cameras may also be added to a driveway alert system. These cameras activate whenever motion is detected by the driveway alarm system and begin recording all activity. This footage can be very beneficial if there is an intrusion and a police report is made.

This type of security system can perform a variety of functions in addition to protecting the entry and exit to a property. Motion detectors may be installed anywhere on the property and attached to this system, providing protection for any blind spots and special areas. This can prove handy when there are areas out of view of the residence.

With a wireless driveway alarm system, the homeowner can keep a remote with them at all times to alert them when their property perimeter has been breached. The homeowner may also give this device to neighbors to alert them of any intruders on the property.

Homeowners who install a multi-functional driveway alarm system will truly upgrade or enhance their home security. These systems provide complete coverage of the property, ensuring the safety and security of all.