Adding A Long Range Driveway Alarm

Security GateOne of the best ways a homeowner can upgrade the security system for their property is to add a long range driveway alarm. This is especially helpful for those properties located a distance off the road or which have a long driveway.

This type of alarm system may be installed when a home is under construction or added later as a supplement to an existing system. The primary feature of a driveway alarm system is the monitors or sensors. There are different sensors for different purposes. A homeowner should carefully consider their requirements before deciding on what type of sensors to include in their driveway alarm system.

Magnetic Vehicle Sensors

Many times driveway monitors will pick up anything that trips their sensor. This includes vehicles, people, and even animals. If a homeowner or property owner just wants to know when a vehicle enters their property, they may only need magnetic vehicle sensors in their driveway alarm systems.

These detectors sense the weight of a vehicle when it crosses the sensor and alerts the property owner. These types of sensors need to be wired, so the installation is a bit more difficult that with other types of sensors. The wire should be buried underground so it is protected from the elements. The signal may be wireless, but the sensor itself is not. It is important to mark where the sensor is buried in case maintenance or repair is ever needed.

Driveway Motion Sensors

These types of motion sensors are a good all-purpose solution for driveway security. They detect vehicles and people and may even detect animals of a certain size. These monitors are combined into one sensor, making them easy to install and maintain.

This type of driveway motion detector is also the most affordable. Even though they may be less expensive, they are very powerful and work well as a long range driveway alarm. These sensors are simple in design, making them one of the most popular items in driveway alarm system design.

Driveway Doorbell

Another option for pressure sensors is a driveway doorbell. These types of sensors have pressurized hoses which are laid across the driveway. When a vehicle drives over the hose, an alert is sent to the wireless receiver activating a signal or chime within the residence. These types of sensors are a good choice when a homeowner does not want to bury a sensor or may not have the space to do so.

Driveway doorbells only detect vehicles, not people or animals. The receivers may allow the homeowner to set up multiple sensors around the property to monitor different areas. These types of sensors are very practical and affordable if a property owner just wants to know when visitors, customers, or intruders arrive on the property.

Driveway alarm systems are a very good option for enhancing the security of a property. These systems provide early warning of intruders or visitors, giving the residents time to prepare for their arrival. With the wide variety of options available, there is sure to be a system that will fit with every property.