Driveway Alarm Systems To Protect Your Home

Wrought Iron Security GateNo matter where you live, home security is probably a concern. One of the most vulnerable parts of any home is the driveway. This is especially true if the home is set away from the road and there is a long drive from the road to the house. Driveway alarm systems provide security by alerting a homeowner if someone is approaching.

The driveway serves as the entry onto a homeowner’s property. With a proper alarm system, a driveway alarm can also help protect against intruders or sound an alert when guests arrive. There are several ways a homeowner can secure their property and not have to spend a great deal of money.


One of the most popular options are gates. Electrical gates can be opened and closed automatically. They can also be controlled both at the gate and from within the home. This allows the homeowner to open the gate without having to set foot on the driveway. Gates may not be practical for all homes, but they are a great deterrent to theft and an important part of driveway security.

Video Cameras

Video cameras used to be one of the more expensive options for driveway security. Today, the prices have decreased so dramatically that video cameras can be installed for very little cost. Cameras are ideal for monitoring a driveway, recording and storing images that can prove very helpful should there be an intrusion or accident.

It is also possible to monitor other activities on the property, such as what the kids are doing or where the guests are going. Strategically placing video cameras on the driveway and throughout the property can be an important part of a home security plan.

Motion Sensor Lighting

It is a fact that lighting deters intruders. Thieves just do not like to operate where they may be seen. Lights may also mean there is someone home or on the property. Thieves are generally looking for an easy target and will not approach a home where they believe the homeowners may be present.

Motion sensor lighting is a great way to deter intruders and protect the property. Set up along the driveway and around the home, these lights will come on whenever they are activated. They may be set so that animals do not trip their sensors, making them even more valuable in detecting an intruder.

Driveway Alerts

A driveway alert is installed in the driveway itself. There are several types and depending upon the needs of the homeowner, can range in cost. Driveway alert systems send a notification to the homeowner that someone or something is present on their driveway. Air hose and magnetic models will typically only alert on vehicles, while motion sensors and wireless units can detect vehicles, animals, and people.

Driveway alert systems can also include some type of deterrent, such as a sound or a light. These are activated when the sensor is tripped. A notification is also sent to the main receiver, usually within the residence.

Homeowners who are concerned about security should take a multi-facet approach to protecting their home. Driveway alarm systems, along with video cameras and motion sensor lights can provide a good start to keeping a property safe from unwanted visitors.

Choosing The Best Driveway Alarm System For You

House Exterior With Open Iron GateProtecting your family and home against intruders is an important part of being a homeowner. One way to safeguard against unwanted entry is to install an alarm in the driveway. If you are not familiar with them, the purchasing process can be quite confusing. Here are a few pointers that will help you select the best driveway alarm system.

Wired Versus Wireless

The first thing that you might notice when you are in the market for the best driveway alarm system is the fact that there are two distinct types to choose from. There is the traditional type that is wired and the newer ones which are wireless. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you have to decide which factors matter more to you.

Wired systems are generally more reliable, but they tend to cost more, especially if you have a particularly long driveway. Wireless alarms are easier to install, but you will have to worry about changing batteries and things of that nature.


When you are choosing an alarm system, it is important that you find a system that can cover the entire expanse of your driveway. Since it might be necessary to have a sensor in the home (wireless alarms), you want to be sure that there is nothing stopping you from being fully protected. People who choose to have a wired system will have to make sure that they have purchased wiring that is lengthy enough to provide protection for the entire driveway.

Alert Types

There are several different alert types available and you need to try your best to select the one that will give you the most benefit. If you are not a very heavy sleeper, you may want to buy a system that transmits a call or text to alert you. People who sleep heavier will find it more useful if the alert is blaring and capable of rustling them from their slumber. Those who are hard of hearing should not fret since there are systems available that have vibrating and visual alerts.

Detection Method

Some alarm systems detect everyone or everything that goes into your yard. While this may sound like a bonus, it can become a nuisance. Imagine being alerted eery time a wild animal or a neighborhood cat decides to wander through your yard. There are systems available that only detect when people or cars enter your space. This is a bit more convenient, but keep in mind that this type of system may come with a heftier price tag. You have to decide whether it is worth it to pay more.

Buying an alarm system for your driveway does not have to be rocket science. If you take your time and consider all of the information here, you should have no problem finding a system that you are satisfied with. When you are seeking a system, make sure that they meet your wants and needs in every aspect since that will give you the maximum level of satisfaction.

Driveway Sensor Alarm Information For Interested Homeowners

Sensor To Detect BurglarsAnyone that wishes to know more about what is going on outside of their home should get a driveway sensor alarm. That way when people, animals, or vehicles are in the driveway, it’s something the homeowner can be alerted to. Using the right system in the right manner has many benefits to a lot of people.

There are systems that are wireless and those that use a hose or something that detects weight as it is passed over by something heavy. The best way to determine what is right is to think about what is around the driveway and what will be expected to be in it. For example, if the driveway is in an area with a lot of power wires and all kinds of traffic from people or animals, the wireless system may not work well at all and always go off or get interfered with.

The alarm must be tested with varying types of vehicles before it can be known to be in the right position if it is wireless. Think about where to place the receiver and the transmitter so that they are able to detect the widest range of traffic coming into the driveway. When it is placed in a low position, it will detect anything that far off of the ground. So, if there are quite a few larger vehicles and not a lot of lower lying ones, having it at a medium height may be for the best.

An alarm’s alert system should be strategically placed so that the homeowner can be likely to hear it when a visitor arrives. If shouldn’t be somewhere where there is a lot of noise or where nobody will be a lot of the times. If a homeowner is always busy in different areas of the home, it can be helpful to move the alert mechanism around or install more than one for each room so that it is possible to always know when it goes off.

An alarm system that uses sensors may be able to protect other areas from the home, as well. Some people, for instance, may have expensive items in their yard and will want to install a sensor based system on their fence area to catch if someone is coming or going from the yard that way. Motion detectors should be carefully placed because if they are put in an area where they go off all the time for different reasons like a homeowner’s pet passing over then they become worthless as they are always going off and not just when something should alert the homeowner.

Learning about how a driveway sensor alarm can help along with how to get the most from one is very beneficial. Otherwise, if just buying something at random it could end in having a product that doesn’t work well or that was priced far higher than what it was actually worth. This is something many homeowners utilize to their advantage, so it can help many people who have homes.

Wireless or Wired Driveway Alarm Systems

Surveillance cameraA wireless or wired driveway alarm system can give you real peace of mind; all Americans have the right (and the need) to protect their property from intruders. When it comes down to the most popular driveway alarm systems there are two basic choices – should you choose wireless or wired?

Although wireless alarm systems are readily available and easy to install they do have their limitations. They are more likely to be governed by range if you have an incredibly large property and the battery life can be another potential problem. A wired driveway alarm system is more suitable in many circumstances and does have many advantages over similar wireless systems.

    • Wired alarm systems are easy to hide and are more pleasing to the eye than some of the wireless systems available on the market.
    • No outside maintenance is required. This type of system can be installed, set up to monitor the movement and types of motion you require and then left to their own devices. There’s no need to worry about changing batteries. A wired system is always fully powered and operational.
    • There is also no need to worry about a wireless signal being blocked by trees, new buildings or similar. Many outside factors can affect the efficiency of wireless signals in this type of device.
    • Wired alarm systems are also extremely reliable. They can be configured to provide security alerts for a range of objects which cuts down on the number of false alarms they give off. Some can be configured to identify moving metal objects only which means that they won’t be set off by pets or wild animals roaming around. Others can be configured to identify human intruders if necessary.
    • Wired alarm systems can be useful in other situations too. They are great for warning a property owner about unwelcome intruders but can also be used to alert staff and employees when customers come onto their premises.

A driveway alarm is a great addition for use in a fast food restaurant. The amount of foot traffic coming through the front door may be much heavier than the motors pulling up at a drive through window so it may not be feasible to have a member of staff sitting waiting there all day long. If there is a motion sensor installed which is triggered by cars and other vehicles the staff will know when they have a customer waiting at the window.

Whether a property owner is looking to protect their premises against intruders or notify employees when there is a customer in need of assistance this type of motion detector can be a great asset. They provide an accurate detection system which works over and over again. This type of alarm system can be run independently or in association with cameras and other types of surveillance equipment.

Wired motion sensor alarm systems are a valuable asset in many types of situation and can make a big difference to the security of your property or the smooth and efficient running of your business.