Choosing the Right Driveway Alarm System

A driveway alarm system can be useful in many different situations and locations providing peace of mind to the property owner and alerting them to the presence of intruders – whether those intruders are welcome or not.

These systems are designed to monitor the perimeter, entrance or gateway of a property in locations which may be out of sight and can provide additional security and peace of mind during the night. They alert the property owner of any intruders which allows them to prepare for the situation instead of being surprised by their appearance. Before deciding which type of alarm system will be best suited for a particular location there are a number of questions which need to be answered.

The Different Types of Detectors

The two most common types of detectors are either PIR (Passive Infra Red) or APB (Active Perimeter Beams).


A PIR or Passive Infra Red is, generally, a battery powered wireless detector which provides constant monitoring of the desired area looking out for a sudden surge of infra red radiation. This could be set off by people, animals or vehicles. They are generally hidden from view and some models can be accurate anywhere between 12 and 20 meters. This type of motion sensor is generally fitted at around 1 – 1.5 meters above ground level to avoid them being activated by small animals like rabbits and foxes as well as household pets.

Active Perimeter Beams or APB, on the other hand, come in pairs and are installed with both parts of the system looking and monitoring each other. This type of alarm is triggered whenever the beam is blocked which sends a wireless signal back to the receiver. This type of system is generally regarded to be a more accurate than the PIR system and less prone to false alarms. They can also work over extended distances, perhaps even as far as 100 meters apart. Again, this type of alarm system should be installed around 1 – 1.5 meters above ground level for the same reasons as the PIR system.

securityThe alarm system which is emitted from these types of systems can be varied and adapted to suit the requirements of the property owner and location. Outdoor sirens are useful in that the intruder knows that they have been identified. This can be a comfort to genuine visitors who know that they will be attended to as well as act as a deterrent to unwelcome intruders who will hopefully leave the premises as quickly as they can.

This type of security alarm is also handy for property owners who work away from the area, perhaps a farmer working in the yard who needs to know when a customer has arrived in his farm shop.
In order to choose the right type of driveway alarm system and alert for any type of premises it is helpful to speak to a professional security alarm specialist. They will be able to do a quick review of a property and security needs and advice the property owner which type of system should be installed for the maximum efficiency.